In Conversation With Vijay Shenoy, Wax Hand Wizards

This week, we share the story of Vijay Shenoy – the man behind Wax Hand Wizards. Many many of us have had them at our events – this week, as they celebrate 7 years in the event industry we sit down for a chat with Vijay to take a peek at his journey.

Vijay Shenoy, Founder – Wax Hand Wizards

Hi Vijay, tell us a little bit about your background. 

I completed my science graduation & did a course in graphics design, a field that always intrigued me. I opened my print design studio which catered to corporates like Godrej, Johnson & Johnson, Tata Motors and others for their corporate communication Design & Printing requirements.

How did the idea of wax hands come into existence?

The Wax Hands idea originates from Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museums, which have an in-house Wax Hands unit. Wax Hands are same size Wax Sculptures of your own hands created in different shapes & colors. You hold your Hand in any gesture, we dip it in our special Flexi Wax…and Voila, your Wax Hand is ready in just 3-4 minutes!

“It all started in 2007 on a trip abroad with my wife when I chanced upon a Wax Hands outlet and it was love at first sight! India had seen nothing like this & I wanted to take this product to the people of India. It was easier said than done…I was always firm that I wanted to start the business under my brand name & not take a franchisee. It took me 5 years to realize this dream, riding a rollercoaster of endless perseverance & patience. Wax Hand Wizards was finally born in 2012 & I got a story to tell my grandchildren about how never ever, ever to give up on your dreams!”

Who is the Core Team Of Wax Hand Wizards?

The team consists of myself handling Marketing & Finance, Manish Jadhav in charge of Product Development, and Prashant Londhe & Sachin Shinde taking care of Operations. The Core Team wouldn’t be complete without mention of my Friend, Philosopher & Guide Suraj Pandey without whom this dream would’ve remained just that, a dream.

Tell us about your journey.

Wax Hand Wizards are the Pioneers for Wax Hands in India. When I got it to India, nobody knew what a Wax Hand is. I single handedly created a new product segment in the market, a task beyond words. It was an uphill journey – making cold calls to event agencies, taking the machine for product demos & pushing them to pitch it to their clients. It was Tough, Exciting & finally Rewarding too! Corporates started taking notice of this unique engagement activity & we started servicing events. From one city in 2012, today Wax Hand Wizards are present in 9 Cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Indore, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag & Kolkata.
Starting with Wax Hands, we went on to develop 5 more unique products – Crystal Hands, 2D Hand Impressions, 3D Hand Casts, Gel Wax Art & Sand Art Craft – all of which were received with enthusiasm by our customers. The USP of all our products is, the Customer plays an equal role in creating it.

What have been the moments of pride for you – any specific challenging event experience you’d like to share?

Some years back, RedFM 93.5 was running a radio campaign spearheaded by RJ Malishka for donating Braille kits to the visually challenged kids of National Association for the Blind (NAB), Worli. I had this brainwave of doing Wax Hands for these kids, believing they would have fun holding a sculpture of their own hands in Wax. I called the RedFM office & they were happy to hear this idea. At the event, it was very challenging considering that the Kids could not see what was happening & asking them to follow the hand dipping instructions was difficult. But the Joy on their faces after holding & feeling their Own hand in Wax was totally worth it. We also collected Rs.58,000/- in a week’s time from friends & family which gave 58 Braille Kits for them. The Director of NAB said,”Your donation of Rs.58,000/- will help these children build a better future, but the experience you gave them with Wax Hands was worth 5 Lakhs to them”. RJ Malishka covered the story with our interview on radio the next day!

What are the plans for the future?

More products are in the pipeline & will be launched soon. We also plan to open Franchisee Outlets in another 15 cities in next couple of years.

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