*Article contributed by Amrit Arya, INDIBUFF

Micro videos and snackable short form content are very engaging indeed but all of these are linear form and with few filters and AR stickers like on Instagram, snapchat, tiktok (prior to it was banned) have somewhat this interactivity feature to engage the consumers with the content creator or brand. But still having one interactive video with multiple videos curated and possibility of hotspots and buttons in the video for interactivity with choices that’s something which is still underestimated. We wanted to tap that aspect which in the interactive video much like what we have in web portals.

Who has seen Netflix — Black Mirror— Bandersnatch? In this Interactive film The audience can select the storyline and choose to watch the next scene. The story would play as per the viewer’s choice.  Do watch the film on Netflix —

So just a sneak peek into the storyboard of an interactive film Black Mirror Bandersnatch where we have multiple options for the user is something like this:

Now this was a interactive film but if we can do this in our micro videos we could actually cater to multiple TG (A,B,C) for the same product. This interaction can provide an optimum solution for all the businesses who have multiple layers of TG for the product/service.

33% of viewers skip a video after 30 seconds, 45% after 1 minute and 60% after 2 mins in a normal video. What if we give our audience interactive layers to engage on the video itself for longer, effective and meaningful viewing on the video? That’s where Indibuff comes in with multiple clicks you get to see what your A/B/C audience wants to see rather than a pushed message by the brand you get an apt message curated for your customer.

Voila that is how the idea of Indibuff was developed into a business idea. Interactive video has multiple possibilities. Interaction layers that we have as end card are all customisable and can help you capture leads directly from your video. 

Indibuff pro features — we have powerful integrations which you lets you capture all leads and potential customers and collaborate with them the way you would like to. To know more watch this space —

With the pro feature you can also analyse your audience behavioural pattern and see the interactions on each video, engagement and drop off on the video. To know more watch this space —

First step in making an interactive video is curation and planning the video sequence of your interactive video. For easy and simple storyboard techniques we could use Its an easy drag and drop planning  tool and would recommend you as well for the same before you apply on the Indibuff application form.

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Indibuff amps up your video to the power 3 by curating your videos, adding interactivity for better engagement and collaborating with the audience in a meaningful way with powerful analytics and integrations features.

If you are confused we are always there to assist you curate your 1st indibuff interactive video for your brand

Sign up now for and get an interactive video for FREE. —

Once you sign up you will receive an application form where we will ask details of your project for curation of an interactive video (currently we can curate upto 5 videos for your interactive video and provide you the interactive link totally Free of charge with no hidden charges) This is a limited period launch offer.

You would get an interactive video curated by indibuff on a sharable link like the one mentioned below:—

(The video is on a cloud server for all interactive videos and there is no file (mp4, .mov etc) that we would able to share as a final project

Pls note — Only if you would like to embed your video and use our Pro features then there would a cost or else it is FREE for now.

Join the tribe by signing up now! –

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