Celebrating Inspiring Women In Events

The event, experiential and entertainment industry in India is filled with wonderful, inspiring women who contribute greatly to the fraternity. Power Women In Events are extraordinary women who lead by example, live with a purpose and inspire others to be more and do more. They are our industry's (mostly silent) heroes, they are the backbone to many a magical event. They are game-changers, movers and shakers, and role models. With courage, confidence, commitment, innovation and integrity, the Power Women In Events inspire others to go further, making a ripple impact across the events, experiential and entertainment industry.

We at Eventpreneur are moving the needle to recognize the achievements of women making an impact within our industry locally, nationally and globally. We invite you to be a champion of women advancement in events.


A crown straight up, and it’s mirror image, upside down. The icon signifies the two sides of the women event professional. The Upward Crown is a salute to the ability to lead their peers into the future, regardless of circumstances, societal barriers and preconceived notions about their gender. The Inverted Crown below acknowledges the relentless pursuit of progress and perfection, irrespective of their position or designation.


Category 1

Golden Lioness Awards

This category celebrates women who own / co-own businesses in the event, experiential, and entertainment industry. Running an events empire is a daunting task and needs grit, determination and passion. If you are a woman who owns an agency or a supply service, you can apply here.

Category 2

Guiding Star Awards

This category is for those women who are employed within organizations. Whether at an event service, or within a brand side team. They set examples at work, develop internal initiatives and shine with their creativity and skills. If you are employed by an event business or brand in any department, this is your title!

Category 3

Circle Of One Awards

This category is for independent women event professionals. Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and all those wonderful ladies who work independently across diverse verticals from design, to content writing, production, and everything in between. For all the women who bring specialized talents to the table single-handedly, this one raises a toast to you!

Category 4

Stage Mage Awards

This category is for the talented women artists who bring magic to the stage. Anchors, singers, dancers, mentalists and more. They bring the sparkle to the stage Without them, every event is incomplete. Note: Awards are given to individual women, and not troupes. All artists welcome to apply for this applause!


Bookings open February 15th 2022 Onwards.

Entry Processing Fee INR 7,000/- per entry per category. Pay online via credit/ debit card/ NEFT/ UPI.

Entry Submissions Open Till April 5th 2022.

Fill and submit your official entry form offline or online before the deadline of April 5th 20222.

Judging Process From April 10th to April 30th 2022

Jury includes eminent leaders from the event industry & brand side experiential experts.

Virtual Awards Event May 2022 (Final date TBC)

A grand virtual finale event with all women speakers, networking opportunities and awards!


This platform is an opportunity for you to share your story with the world. But more than that, it's an opportunity to inspire more women in the event ecosystem. PWE 2022 is the first of it's kind platform to celebrate and honor the journeys of our women - and simply participating is putting a stamp on your contribution to the industry. Participation in the PWE Awards gives you many tangible benefits, regardless of whether you win or not: (a) Be recognized as a Power Woman In Events, even if you don't win the trophy. (b) Be recognized for your journey and contribution to the industry. (c) Get your profile published and promoted to a cumulative audience of more than 80k industry professionals & brands. (d) Join an exclusive Eventpreneur Women's Network completely free, and interact with a diverse audience of women from the industry and brands; grow your reach even further and build an ecosystem of growth for women in the industry. (e) Attend an all-women virtual networking event where you can share your story and be inspired by other women event professionals and brand managers.

Nominate A Power Woman In Events

Is there someone who you think is suitable for this recognition? We encourage you to nominate a woman achiever even if she doesn't enter herself. By nominating her, you are honoring her accomplishments, contributing to her legacy, validating her hard work, and her contribution to the workplace and the industry. You are celebrating and saluting her unknowing impact. Most importantly, you are elevating role models to be recognized on a national level. *Note - you can nominate, pay the fee and give your reason for nomination, however the nominee will need to give us consent to use your nomination. Our team will reach out to your nominee and request a consent form and additional information.


Considering the restrictions due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are hosting this year’s Power Women In Events 2022 in a virtual format. All participants who have sent in their entry will be invited on the virtual platform to attend the event online and network with some of the most successful women in the industry.

The event will have the jury as well as shortlisted entries participate in panel discussions curated with subjects revolving around women in the industry. The award winners will be announced at the event, and the event will be live streamed to various platforms including facebook, linkedin and youtube. We hope that next year we can host an in person event, however regardless of the venue the PWE 2022 event promises to be a great networking opportunity for women in the industry.



  • Applicable only for women.
  • She should be operating and residing in India.
  • Who Can Apply?
    • Category 1: Golden Lioness Award: Founder/ Co-Founder/Owner Of An Event Service.
    • Category 2: Guiding Star Award: Any woman who is employed by an event business, institution, brand or organization. Her job function must include Events/ BTL/ Experiential activities
    • Category 3 – Circle Of One Awards – Any independent professional / freelancer in the industry providing any skills, including and not restricted to designers, conceptualizer, production, operations, show runners, hospitality etc.
    • Category 4 – Stage Mage Awards: Any woman who is a performer, artist, anchor, singer, dancer, DJ, and any other form of stage artist who performs for events/ experiential activities.


  • Each entry is reviewed based on it’s individual merit.
  • The entries are not compared with any other.
  • Any entrant who achieves more than an average of 60 points in the jury scoring will a direct recipient of the award in the respective category.
  • The final list of winners will be announced at the Virtual Event in May 2022 (dates to be announced shortly).
  • There are no fixed number of awards for the categories.All deserving candidates are recognized on their individual merit, without any comparison to other entries.
  • The jury scoring is final, binding, and absolutely non- questionable.


The Jury will determine the winners based on the answers to the following 5 sections in the entry form. These are to be filled by the entrant themselves or the nominator to the best of their capacity.

SECTION 1 – Individual Growth Journey (25 Points)
Where she started to where she is today. The number of years is important, but more important is the quality of growth over the years. What are the obstacles and challenges that came in the way and how did she overcome those? What was her individual glass ceiling and how she shattered through to emerge as a Power Woman in Events.
For Self Nominations – You can tell us your story in your words.
For Nominated Entries – You can tell us whatever you perceive in this section based on your knowledge of the nominee. (we will reach out to the nominee for further information/ edits)

SECTION 2 – Milestones/ Achievements (40 Points)
What has she accomplished that sets her apart from her peers, what are the innovations or creative approaches she has towards her work, how has she broken new grounds? Examples include owning or leading a successful company, differentiating their event/experiential entertainment product or service in a competitive market and showing leadership qualities beyond their years. Another example includes leading the development of an innovative product or service, tapping a significant new market and introducing new ways of working that improve productivity and/or profitability.
For Self Nominations – You can tell us your achievement in your words.
For Nominated Entries – You can tell us whatever you perceive in this section based on your knowledge of the nominee. (we will reach out to the nominee for further information/ edits)

SECTION 3 – Social/Community Impact – (25 Points)
How is she setting examples, how is she driving positive changes for herself and those she works with? Has she sought to create an inclusive workplace? Does she uplift her colleagues? Does she contribute to a social cause outside of work? Does she volunteer her services for social welfare? Does she work towards sustainability? Does she uplift marginalized communities?
For Self Nominations – List your impact points.
For Nominated Entries – You can tell us whatever you perceive in this section based on your knowledge of the nominee.

SECTION 4 – Introduction Video (5 Points)
This is NOT MANDATORY, but gains extra points. The intro video is a way for the jury to peek into your life, hear who you are and see what you are made of! Note – If you are nominating someone else, you can skip this step. Note – This video will not be publicly shared; it is purely for the objective of putting a face and personality to the paperwork.

SECTION 5 – Network Recommendations (5 Points)
This is NOT MANDATORY, but gains extra points. The jury will rely on the recommendations of her network to assess her impact. Think of this as a private voting system – instead of a public voting, you can share an email/ letter or video of your network recommending the participant for the award. (all recommendations will be kept private and will never be shared with anyone except the jury)
Note – if you are nominating someone else, you can skip this section as your nomination is already the biggest recommendation she can get. All nominated entries automatically get these additional 5 points.


  • Note – Anyone can nominate, pay the fee and submit an entry for someone else, however the nominee will need to give consent post the submission. Our team will reach out to your nominee and request a written consent from her post the submission. Your nominee will also be given the option to edit the entry form and add any additional details to strengthen and complete her entry.
  • Our team will reach out to the nominee to complete the entry form as a supplement to the nominator’s submission, however it is not mandatory for nominated entries to fill the whole form.
  • It is mandatory however for the nominee to give us consent to submit their entry to the jury for consideration. Without the nominee’s consent, the entry will not proceed further. Our team will reach out to the nominee for a consent to proceed with the nomination and request any further information as required (such as photograph, address, and other administrative information).
  • In the event that the nominee does not wish to go ahead, the amount paid by the nominator will not be refunded.
  • The nominated entries will go to an internal Eventpreneur jury first and the entries will be completed before presenting to the larger external jury.


All Entries Receive:

  • Coverage of their story on the Eventpreneur website
  • Free Annual Eventpreneur Listing Worth 5900/- (for all non members)
  • Participation Certificate
  • Exclusive invitation to the virtual event where you get the opportunity to network with some of the most amazing women from the fraternity
  • Inclusion in an all-women powered network where you can sustain relationships and forge collaborations with other power women from the industry

Winners Receive All The Above & Below:

  • Award Trophy
  • Award Announcement At Virtual Event
  • Published Interview that remains active for the whole year till the next years awards
  • Multiple Email Blasts With Winner Names & Picture Sent To 80k Industry Profs & Brands
  • Podcast Interview Promoted To 80k Industry Profs/ Brands –winners will be interviewed by a professional podcaster and the podcasts will be available online across multiple mediums
  • Right To Use [PWE 2022] Logo In Email/ Signature/Stationary


INR 7000/- per entry per category

Payment Methods:

  • LINK FOR ONLINE PAYMENT VIA CREDIT CARD – https://imjo.in/aRd4zj
  • GOOGLE PAY NUMBER – 8108236744
    • Bank: AXIS Bank
    • Current Ac # 920020044114762.
    • IFSC code – UTIB0001021. PAN: AAIFE2559E


  • The deadline to fill the complete form, required material & payment of Nomination Processing Fee is April 5th, 2022.
  • The Form must be filled in English only.
  • Entries can be submitted via 2 methods
    • Method 1 – Complete Online Procedure. Link HERE for online submission.
    • Method 2 – Download Entry Form HERE & Submit Via Email to pwe22@eventpreneur.in


  • Step 1 – Make The Payment & Save A Screenshot
  • Step 2 – Download the entry form in word format herehttps://eventpreneur.in/downloads
  • Step 3 – Fill The Entry Form Offline, save as PDF
  • Step 4 – Submit The Entry Form Along With Your Payment Screenshot By Email To pwe22@eventpreneur.in before the closing date of April 5th 2022. You can make the payment online HERE. In-case of any issues, please contact +91 8108236744


  • Step 1 – Make The Payment & Save A Screenshot. You can make the payment online HERE. In-case of any issues, please contact +91 8108236744
  • Step 2 – Visit https://eventpreneur.in/pwe22-entry-form/
  • Step 3 – Fill The Entry Form Online
  • Step 4 – Submit The Entry Along With Your Payment Screenshot On The Online Form Itself.


  • A high resolution photo to be attached. A clear, solo photo with nobody else in the image. Entries without photos will not be accepted.
  • Supporting Video – The Video will need to be uploaded through Google Drive (public view/ download access) or YouTube and the URL needs to be provided in the Video URL field in the form. Video needs to be shared in AVI or MPEG4 format, whichever is applicable or both.
  • Other Supporting Material – Reference and recommendation letters, or any additional supporting material you would like to send that will strengthen your entry can be uploaded on google drive and the link for the same to be provided in the entry form.
  • The organizers will not be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information. In case the form is incomplete, you will lose points for that section.


  • The Jury Panel for POWER WOMEN IN EVENTS 2022 consists of very respected, eminent and esteemed women leaders from the event, experiential and entertainment industry as well as brands. They are leaders who have given 15 to 25 years of their career to the event industry and have achieved exceptional accomplishments.
  • They will also be present at the grand final for the final winner announcements and panel discussions.


  • All Self Nominated entries will be crosschecked by Eventpreneur team to have met all Terms & Conditions, Form Filling Procedure & Eligibility criteria
  • All Gifted Nominations entries will be contacted to inform them of their nomination, and submit the form to them for any additional information they would like to be added as well as additional details that the nominator may have missed out.
  • Winners will be scored by the jury on the basis of entries and mentioned parameters. Any entrant to cross an average score of 60 points in the jury scoring will directly be a recipient of the Power Women In Events 2022 Award in their chosen category.
  • All decisions by the jury are final and binding.


  • The awards are open to all women event professionals residing in India.
  • All material is to be submitted in accordance with above mentioned procedure, specifications and deadline before March 15th, 2022.
  • All offline entries must be sent via email to pwe22@eventpreneur.in
  • All online forms to be filled and submitted online on https://eventpreneur.in/pwe22-entry-form/
  • The decision of the jury is final and binding.
  • Any form of canvassing for the awards will disqualify an entrant.
  • The entrant agrees that Eventpreneur will not accept responsibility for errors or omissions in any reproduction. Submission of entry also authorizes Eventpreneur to use images and/or audio/video clips for use on mobile, internet, social media or any other medium for the purpose of promoting or reporting the awards with due credits.
  • We presume that all nominations sent to us are accurate. The submission of nomination guarantees its authenticity.
  • An entry will be considered accepted only upon realization of the payment for the respective entry through online mode or through NEFT.
  • Once submitted, the entry cannot be withdrawn or appended. Paying the Nomination Processing Fee is mandatory to validate & process your entry for the jury presentation.