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It seems unlikely any of us are going to be attending business events and conferences in the short term, due to COVID-19 and social distancing. In these trying times, it’s clear that technology can be a saviour!

Buzznation’s mission is to enable its customers to continue to reap the networking, engagement and sales benefits they previously enjoyed thanks to their comprehensive events strategies.

Technology is power

Technology is power – and it helps to connect us too! At Buzznation, we are use a full portfolio of interactive technologies to create, and manage online events. These virtual, managed, and live-streamed events aim to give visitors a ‘near-real event’ experience without anyone needing to leave the comfort and safety of their home.

Create a great online virtual event experience

Creating memorable virtual events is not just about having the best technology in town (which by the way, we have) but about taking great care in synchronising every ingredient, however small, into a seamless and inspiring recipe for a delicious meal.

Here are a few ways in which Buzznation helps brands create the much-needed impact:

  • Fast assessment of your needs: We are marketers first, technologists next. We can assess your exact need in terms of audience profiling, messaging, reach and promotion, and recommend the right technology platform that suits your unique needs.
  • We can scale it up: To any level you want. There’s no limit to the number of people who can attend our virtual events, and we have expertise in deploying sophisticated VR, AR and 3D for virtual conferences, trade fairs, product presentations. Everything can be seamlessly executed remotely and is 100% virtual.
  • We handhold your audience too: Let’s admit, users are quite new to virtual environments. Not all virtual meetings are as simple as a zoom call. We handhold you and your guests through the process. At the same time, our tools and platforms are intuitive, unique and sophisticated.
  • The avatar: Unique to our platforms, avatars are your online personas. They are capable of behaving exactly as you would like them to, interacting with other attendees, exchanging business cards, and making new friends and contacts.
  • Even out hiccups: Just because everything’s happening online doesn’t mean you won’t run into any of the obstacles that regularly trip up live events. Scalability, coordination, free flow, and achieving a ‘no–hiccup’ experience are some of the challenges in launching a perfect virtual event. However, Buzznation’s robust technology can smoothen out these with:
  • Technology that can support any number of users across the world, in any environment
    • Full compatibility across all popular devices
    • Behavioural analytics applications built into the platform
    • Snag-free UI
    • Simple-to-use interface

A great online virtual event experience is not just about simulating in-person events but enabling communication and providing awesome experiences. The target audience should have deep engagement with the content in such a way that they forget the spectacular technology working behind the scenes. Just like when they watch the beautiful and precise movements of a dancer and forget the years of training that go into the performance.

Buzznation transforms your virtual events with seamless audience engagement, interaction and experiences.

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