Do you really need an online event technology manager to successfully execute a virtual event?

The new virtual events space is experiencing a COVID-19 boom. In theory, virtual events have an easy go. They’re more accessible. After all, you just have to log in and go live.

But going virtual with your events is more than just clicking on the Live button.

Simply a camera and internet connectivity will fetch you neither the dollars nor the audience engagement you wish. Instead, you need robust tools and a Pro at the helm to run a virtual event effectively.

The questions you need to ask before doing your virtual event are,

1. Am I using the right platform to reach my audience?

2. Am I using the right tools to broadcast my virtual event?

3. How conversant is my audience with the platform of my choice?

4. How can I build interactivity beyond the broadcast?

5. What are the technical limitations on the part of my audience that will impact my virtual event?

And many more…

If you don’t want to sound like a novice just fiddling with his new-found toy, you need a smart Virtual Event Manager who will run the show, glitch-free.

Virtual Event Manager: Key to your virtual success.

  • Defines audience: A Virtual Event Manager helps identify the broadest possible target audience who can attend your event.
  • Decides suitable medium: In the virtual space, there are many possibilities: webinars, live streams, web chats, panels, and forums. A Virtual Event Manager can help you choose the right platform for multiple types of content and goals.
  • Tough decisions to make: In virtual event planning, technology takes the driver’s seat. Virtual Event Manager has many decisions to make at this stage;
  • Based on the theme, decide a virtual platform to host the event.
  • What type of place; studio, auditorium, or any other?
  • Arrange the audio-video integration for the event
  • Ensuring cybersecurity and data confidentiality
  • Test, test, and test to avoid any cold feet on the ‘D’ day.
  • LIVE support: A dozen things may go wrong when you launch the virtual event. Creating a uniform experience for all the attendees is the manager’s task.
  • Wears the marketer’s hat: Knows how to play with social media beyond likes, shares, or tweets.

Let’s keep it real.

You can’t change the fact that the internet speed on an island is awful but brilliant in the metro. In keeping things virtual, your aim should be to achieve an optimal experience; a fine balance between a rich HD content and easy-to-view performance. That’s where a Virtual Event Manager wears the doer’s hat for you.

Hit up if you are looking forward to navigating the virtual world of event management.

Stay safe. We’ll get through this together, to a new place of wonder.

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