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    Hello Friends,
    My name is Nikhil Sharma
    I am an Event Manager turned into Digital Geek, am on a mission to help 100,000 People create their Influence Online via
    Digital Eventprenuer Mastermind.
    If this Sounds Interesting than get in touch with me and I shall personally guide you with a step by step proven ways to Achieve Success in my Videos & Courses.
    I would love to share my Journey Story with you guys as which helped me to become who I am today.
    This Story is about how I flanged in my School and
    overcome to Achieve Success, by becoming a doer rather than letting my Monkey Mind rule over me.
    It was in the year 2008; I was entering my school.
    It was the day my Half Yearly 8th exams results were out.
    I walked through the hallway,
    I can see a few of my friends are smiling & some are not looking so good.
    I was walking towards the notice board.
    And as I was walking towards the notice board,
    I had butterflies in my stomach, and somewhere I knew something was wrong.
    I look for my name, looking at my hall ticket no.
    And I was looking for my name Nikhil Sharma,
    As I moved my eyes toward the right, I see Math’s 28 – Failed (F)
    My heart skunked, I didn’t know what to do.
    Hands were getting cold,
    I didn’t know how to go back home.
    I mean I didn’t know how to show my face to my family.
    Had lots of guest & relatives in my house as there was a marriage in the Family.
    And how can I break the news that I failed in my 8th Standard?
    That point of time I had only one question in my mind
    Am I really worthy of anything?
    Am I really a failure in this life?
    My entire family members, what will be thinking about me?
    “Am I Looser?”
    And at that time I thought to myself that my grandfather also flanged in his 5th Grade.
    Life must go on; I didn’t know how I will overcome this.
    But I know there will be away.
    This lesson taught me something, 2months down the line
    Found a Math’s Teacher, trained rigorously
    And cleared my Math’s Exam with 80% in my final test.
    And all my friends as they were figuring out what they wanted in their life next.
    And apparently that was the right thing to do.
    I discovered Event Management and started to do more research and development in the Niche.
    And today when I look back that was the greatest gift I got.
    If you can relate with my story, that failure is the “Stepping Stone to Success”.
    If you are able to identify the gift at that moment than anybody can achieve success in life.
    Send me a private message and I shall add you to my VIP Group where we shall work together to achieve glorifying success. 🙂

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