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“I’ve seen the evil robot in the movie WALL-e and the scary robo-mom in I Am Mother… AI seems pretty scary, are you sure it’s a good idea to let it get involved with my virtual conference!?”

“AI? In events? Why… and how? What? My guests will be tended to by Siri now?!

Gone are the days when business owners and marketers could afford to ignore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is the year of virtual events and I will not hold back in saying that AI is one of the most powerful tools available for putting together a virtual event.

According to a survey conducted by Business Insider Intelligence, 80% of respondents said that they already use or planned to use emerging tech tools like AI-enabled chatbots, by 2020. *

(Source: e2M )

Chatbots are fast becoming a crucial part of handling attendee coordination and experience for virtual events. The scalability and practicality of AI is improving every moment.

Put on an amazing show with AI

Microsoft has unveiled virtual stage technology that allows speakers anywhere in the world to blend seamlessly with any background or computer-generated images, interacting in real-time with the image the home audience sees. Powered by it’s Kinect motion sensors, this is a fascinating example of the type of event tech that will be available to anyone soon.

AI for personalization and recommendations

AI can learn from virtual events in the past as well as as-they-happen, and tell you what will most likely work in an upcoming virtual event. Analyzing factors such as attendee numbers and engagement, along with the touchpoints they make in the virtual world, events can be autonomously fine-tuned to meet your audience’s level, right down to the level of the individual.

AI-powered chatbots

No people required. More efficient and smoother handling of customer questions. AI-enabled chatbots can manage the humungous amount of live interaction needed to provide your audience with amazing experiences with ease, allowing human staff to step in and respond to anything the AI can’t resolve.

Upgrade your event app with AI 

Especially relevant for networking events, AI can suggest sessions and pathways that are likely to provide attendees with the most value from their visit, increase personalization and match profiles with similar interests, opening new opportunities for networking.

AI will deep learn and predict needs

The best part about AI and Machine learning is that it can get intuitive and understand what you might need next, fairly quickly. This is effective in real-time scenarios when people need specific help, and AI can learn to step in and provide it without human intervention.

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