A Virtual Event Strategy is for Life – Not Just For Lockdown

Socializing with customers, colleagues and friends, free flowing food and drinks, networking opportunities with strangers – elements that defined events before the world was unexpectedly hit by the ongoing global pandemic. With work from home becoming the new normal, many aspects of everyday life have been shifted into the virtual world. 

For now, and probably for the foreseeable future, virtual living and social distancing are going to be a part of our lives. And whether for professional or social purposes, virtual events have a key role to play in establishing the new normal. After experiencing the benefits virtual events can bring, it seems likely they will continue to be a long-term strategy for corporates, even after the pandemic. 

Top 5 reasons a virtual event strategy is for life: 

  1. Virtual events blend into real life: People attend real-life events to socialize and network. But people hiding their faces in their phone is a common sight in these events. So virtual events come as a breather. They smoothly blend into our everyday, accommodating our need to juggle our many responsibilities. You can attend virtual events without compromising your routine or priorities. 
  2. It’s easy to build a network: Real-world events overload our senses and exceed our ability to absorb and process information. We can’t attend every session that’s taking place simultaneously. And although we exchange business cards and share emails and phone numbers with a promise to drop a message or set up a meeting, unfortunately this can often be forgotten moment we step out of a real-life event. However, when you take part in an online event, everything you do, see or experience – as well as every connection you make – is updated in the cloud, making it accessible and convenient to consume at our own speed, as well as to stay connected with the people we meet.  
  3. Economic viability: On-ground event needs investment in the venue, food, and beverages, and other hospitality elements. With an online event, your major investment is for technology subscription and marketing. The cost of bringing speakers and attractions to your event is also considerably lower when we don’t need to consider air fares and hotel fees in the mix.  
  4. Sustained brand building: In an on-ground event, a brand’s visibility ends along with the event. After it has finished, it is often difficult to quantify the impact on your bottom line. In virtual events, once you attend, your presence and contribution stay on. You can link them to online searches and attendees can be reached for multiple levels of follow-up. Sharing brand content becomes seamless and brand recall is higher. 
  5. The evolution of a hybrid model: As the audience realizes the benefits of virtual events, companies will move a significant part of their events to online even after the lockdown is over. So live events will be held alongside virtual events to create multiple touchpoints with the audience, involve those who can’t be there in person, and create a continuous loop of engagement. 
  6. Environmentalism and sustainability: We’re all more aware than ever of the need to reduce the rate of consumption of our planet’s resources, and cut down harmful environmental emissions generated by global business activity. Brands and organizations are keen to live up to their responsibilities in this area, and virtual and online events help us achieve many of the same goals but with a vastly reduced carbon footprint and level of environmental impact.  

If you are looking at creating audience engagement that will survive long after the lockdown is over, please write to us at sales@buzznationmarketing.com and our experts will help you plan and implement the perfect virtual event strategy. 

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